Factors to consider when looking for teacher placement jobs

Just after college, you will want to start earning money. But you have been around looking for a teaching job but no help or any position. The reason should be maybe you are doing something wrong there are factors that you have to consider when looking for a teaching job and they will guide you through. If you follow the factors, it won’t be long before you get several opportunities. Before accepting any job make sure that you are fully aware of what they are going to offer. Here is a list of factors to consider when you are looking for alaska teacher placement jobs;

Value of education


If you want to have the best experience while teaching or you want to enjoy the time, then you should accept a teaching position in a school that values education. If you studied teaching then most likely is what you love doing and if you get a place that you can’t grow in, then it will end up being boring for you. Talk to the teachers already in the school and ask questions about how they are dealing with classes and how the classes are carried out. If the school is so keen on the kids even from the early age in kindergarten, then you will be sure that they value education.

Working hours

If the school is understaffed then most likely you will end up being overworked. The time range or working will vary from school to school so before going ahead and accepting the teaching job talk to the person concerned about how many hours you will be working. Also, make sure that you are aware if you will be getting any off days or vacations days. If you are okay with the working hours then you can go ahead and accept the job, one thing to be concerned about is that you don’t have to accept something that you feel you are overworked because most of the time you will be tired not giving the students the very best.

Salary and benefits


Salary and benefits is the most important factor to consider the main reason of looking for a job is so that you will be able to sustain yourself and pay the your state of living. If the job does not meet all the needs that you have then accepting I will be frustrating to you. If you have different options to look for then consider the one that at least can pay for all the bills that you have.


Written by Anne Moore

Preparing Your home For Retirement

Whether you plan to retire in the next 10 or 30 years, it is never late or early to start deploying some techniques for securing your future. It is everyone’s dream and plans to have a secured future even after retirement.However, a pension is not enough to guarantee you a financially stable future. Proper management and utilization of your home can guarantee you a more secure future upon your retirement. These are the various ways of preparing your home for retirement.

Switching to solarrewrhrwhre

Most people pay power bill to electrical companies every month. If you are among these people, then you are missing out the potential of saving some money. Make a point of building a solar station as it will save you from paying the power bills. If you can not raise the required capital, there are some companies which can allow someone to use their panels upon signing a contract.

Renting out the extra space

You can make some extra coin by renting out your spare room or even the entire guest house. For instance, if you are living somewhere near the University, you can easily get a student who is eager to rent your room if it is affordable. If you are living near a touristy area, then you could decide to offer some overnight accommodations. You can then put the extra amount earned in a separate account meant for your retirement.

Overpay your monthly Morgtage

Most people believe that are already set for retirement since they probably live in a house which is worthy a lot. Unfortunately, if this house is not entirely paid for, you could be in trouble in the nearby future. You need to develop a habit of paying some extra mortgage every month to be safe. This means that you will have an added advantage since you can remove your mortgage in real time.


If you are not comfortable with paying some extra money on a monthly basis, refinancing will be the best alternative for you. This offers low interest rates which will help you in lowering your bills. It also means that you will have some extra money to save.

Become an entrepreneur

It is very comfortable and popular when you are working from home. It is associated with endless opportunities. You can save a lot by working from home.

Checking your assessed value

It is splendid to own a home which is highly valued.it is advisable to know your home value. You should have its value reassessed. This will help you in saving money when it comes to paying taxes…

Written by Frances Wynn

Common Causes Of A Thick Film Resistor

The failure of the thick film resistor is rarely caused by the malfunctioning of its resistive element, but it is primarily caused by the external environmental factors like electrical and mechanical stresses as well as the handling issues. These failures can be classified as either performance, degradation or complete failure.

Here are the main causes of the thick film resistor.

Mechanical failure

Apart from the damages caused by handling which leads to substrate chips anahifovfdqrw
d cracks, most of the mechanical damages are caused by excessive vibrations or misalignment/inappropriate mounting of your device. Cracking of your resistor material could be caused by extension/compression or vibration of the resistor caused by the improper mounting. This might lead to a change of the resistor value, component failure or damage of the resistive element.

Environmental factors

Most of the thick film resistors are coated to protect them from moisture and other aggressive chemicals elements. However, the various environmental factors like contamination and moisture must be considered carefully. Both of these could cause migration of the metal between the various terminals of the resistors which could lead to potential short-circuiting or cause a change in the resistance value.

Overload conditions

Continous over-loading of the resistor devices leads to a degradation of the insulation resistance. It might also result in a change of the various parameters or the resistor such as the resistor value over time. Stress or fluctuations in the voltage values can cause electrical conduction in the resitor’s materials which are non-conductors. This could lead to deterioration and occasional failure due to the hot spot generated. It is therefore very critical to observe the resistor’s maximum voltage as specified by the manufacturer.

Thermal stress

Heat mainly propagates most of the mechanical failure modes in the thick film resistor. It is, therefore, imperative that you understand the process of heat dissipation as well as the resistor’s properties and the substrate materials. A low powered resistor is known to dissipate a lot of heat via conduction. Most of this heat is dissipated through its connections or its components leads. A high powered resistor dissipates its heat through the process of radiation. Heat is generated when current flows through a resistor. This further leads to the induction of stress in the resistor.

Surge conditions

The mass of the resistor element determines the surge survivability in the thick film resistor. The power surge is directly proportional to the product of its thickness and the surface area. The resistor’s geometry also affects its surge withstanding capability. Increased surface area in the resistor is useful as it allows more heat to be dissipated reducing the thermal stress.


Any damage on the ESD is very difficult to detect. Any damage o the ESD degrades the resistor, and it is unable to perform the intended function.…

Written by Frances Wynn